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We have the good and best skip suitable for removing household rubbish, useless rubbish, garden waste, etc. Skip Hire Birmingham also helps you to choose the skip size. So that way, it saves both time and money. We have very reasonable and affordable Farnek services for you to avoid the very expensive cost according to your needs. Usually, other companies have 7 days to keep the skip but only skip hire from Birmingham. Allows you to have a 14-day skip. When compared to other companies, we do not charge more for our services. After that, we have a variety of sizes for all your customers.


You do not need to worry because we offer you a mini-skip. Also, offer 20% discount there is also a smaller skip in size and a larger skip available everywhere in the UK. Mini skips are available for small places and Roro skips are removing large amounts of waste. skip hire has been serving people across the UK for 15 years and is suitable for day delivery. skip hiring with very careful skip selection according to your needs AM or PM Offer Delivery Slots We always try to provide you the skip you need where you need it and when you need it With this feature, our company is ahead of other companies, so join skip hire today and give us a chance to serve.“Our goal is not to provide skips but to remove everything from the client that bothers you about west”


Similarly, if you don’t have space to place a skip on your premises, you have to get a skip permit from the local council.


Normally you can hire a skip for 14 days approximately. After that, if you will increase the time period, the charges will increase as per the period of time.


The skip prices are different in every spot. For example, if you hire the 6 Yard whose general prices are between £229 – £270, you will find the change in prices for this size of the skip in every city of the UK.


Skip Hire Near Me Prices may differ according to the skip size. 2 Yard skip is the smallest and cheapest compared to the 40-yard skip, which is the biggest and most expensive because of the big size and capacity.


Skip Hire provides Skip Hire and Waste handling Services in Birmingham as well as across the UK at very low rates. Skip Hire has been operating for many years and has helped thousands of customers with their rubbish removal, garden projects like garden clearance, and building projects.

Above all, the prices of Skip Hire am are very low and affordable as compared to other Skip Hire services provider companies in Birmingham. Skip Hire provides same-day delivery on time.


For deciding the suitable skip size, first determined the amount of waste produced. In other words, a wide range of skips are available at Skip to hire including; Mini skip sizes (2-yard and 3-yard). Midi Skip sizes (4-yard and 5-yard). Builder Skip sizes are 6-yard and 8-yard. Maxi Skips have five different skip sizes included; 10-yard, 12-yard, 14-yard, 16-yard, and further, the largest skip size in Maxi skips is the 18-yard skip. Roll-on and Roll-off skips have 20-yard, 25-yard, 30-yard, and in conclusion, the largest skip size is a 40-yard skip.



2-4 yard Skip best size for small places

The mini skip is the smallest size and performs domestic or household jobs. Moreover, due to its lightweight, you can conveniently move it to any place. However, it comes in two sizes 2 cubic yard skip and 3 cubic yard skip. Further, Mini skips are environmentally friendly and used to get rid of waste. Above all, the wattage capacity of the mini skip is 20-40 bin bags. In other words, you can overload approximately 4 tonnes of waste in it.

However, the waste capacity of 2 cubic yard skip is 1.5m³, and its dimensions are 1.52m x 1.22m x 0.91m (Length x Width x Height). While the dimensions of 3 cubic yard skip are 1.82m x 1.22m x 0.91m (Length x Width x Height). It is substantial for residential areas and domestic purposes. Further, the Mini skip has a capacity of a small amount of trash and occupies a small space. Mini Skip is the best size for small places.

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6-8 yard is the best size for garden waste

Midi skip sizes are popular in Birmingham because of their holding capacity. As its name shows, it is a middle-sized skip and is used for larger households. Moreover, midi skip also is used for garden waste and minor commercial projects. The Midi skip is more beneficial than the mini skip as it holds a moderate amount of trash. Further, it comes in two sizes 4 cubic yard skip and 5 cubic yard skip.

The weight carrying capacity of midi skips is more than the mini skips. In other words, the dimensions of a 4 cubic yard skip are approximately 1.29m x 1.83m x 0.972m (Length x Width x Height) and it has a waste capacity of 3m³. It is more beneficial as it performs both jobs domestic and commercial. Above all, the waste carrying capacity of midi skip is 40-60 bin bags. However, in other words, you can overload it with approximately 8 tonnes.

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Builder skips are popular in Birmingham, and it is larger than the midi skips. These skips can be used in both types of projects commercial and domestic. That is why these are popular among builders. Moreover, it comes in two sizes 6 cubic yard skip and 8 cubic yard skip. However, a 6 cubic yard skip holds a capacity of 50-60 bin bags and 4.6 m³. You can overload it with approximately 6 tonnes.

However, its dimensions are 1.22m x 2.6m x 1.52m (Length x Width x Height). Furthermore, an 8 cubic yard skip holds 60-80 bin bags and 6m³. In other words, you can overload it with 8-10 tonnes of waste. Hence, its dimensions are 1.22m x 3.66m x 1.66m (Length x Width x Height). Builder skips have a capacity for a large amount of trash as compared to midi skips.

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16 yard

Maxi skip sizes are larger than the builder skips and are used for big projects. In other words, there are five different sizes in Maxi Skip included; 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18 yards. however, 10 cubic yard skip has a capacity of more than 100-110 bin bags, and its dimensions are 3.66m x 1.83m x 1.83m (Length x Width x Height). Moreover, 12 cubic yard skips hold up to 120-130 black bin bags and its dimensions are 3.96m x 1.83m x 1.98m (Length x Width x Height).

After that, the 14 cubic yard skip has dimensions 3.96m x 1.98m x 1.98m (Length x Width x Height) and its waste capacity is 140-150 bags. Moreover, 16cubic yard skip holds 170-180 bag bin liners and its dimensions are 4.11m x 1.83m x 1.98m (Length x Width x Height). Further, 18 cubic yard skip has a capacity of 190-200 bin bags, and its dimensions are 4.11m x 1.98m x 2.13m (Length x Width x Height).

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40 yard

The 20 cubic yard skip can hold 220-230 bin bags and in addition, its dimensions are 6.10m x 2.44m x 1.07m (Length x Width x Height). A 25 cubic yard skip is very popular for construction work as it is roomier than the other skips. Timber, plastic, rubber, and metal waste can be discarded as it has a capacity of 270-280 black bin bags and similarly, its dimensions are 6.10m x 2.44m x 1.52m (Length x Width x Height). Above all, for garden waste and bulky waste, a 30-yard skip will be the perfect choice for you.

After that, it has a capacity of 300-310 bin bags and has dimensioned 6.10m x 2.44m x 1.98m (Length x Width x Height). The 40 cubic yard skip holds 35 tonnes of waste and can carry light as well as bulky weight However, it is perfect for a commercial and domestic job. In conclusion, it has a capacity of 440-450 bin bags and has dimensioned 6.10m x 2.44m x 1.07m (Length x Width x Height).

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Lockable yard

Open skips are popular in Birmingham; in other words, the drawback of these types of skips is the addition of unwanted waste and having things stolen. If you hire a skip, then you are responsible for trash added to it. So, avoiding the addition of unwanted waste lockable skips is the best option for you. Similarly, it ensures the safety of the waste. However, all required sizes are available in Lockable skips.

  1. The best part is, of course, the safety they provide to the users which is much appreciated.
  2. Padlocks and chains can be put on them, making them extremely safe and solid. That is why open skips are very popular in Birmingham.
  3. These containers are also equipped with doors and lids to provide further ease.
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Skip Dimension
Approximate Price
2 Yard Skip 20 – 30 Bags £126 – £271
3 Yard Skip 30 – 40 Bags £158 – £271
4 Yard Skip 40 – 50 Bags £176 – £214
6 Yard Skip 50 – 60 Bags £229 – £270
8 Yard Skip 60 – 70 Bags £211 – £280
10 Yard Skip 80 – 90 Bags £258 – £364
12 Yard Skip 120 – 130 Bags £277 – £367
14 Yard Skip 140 – 150 Bags £303 – £450
16 Yard Skip 170 – 180 Bags £316 – £525


it discount offer image

We are offering you an unbeatable price package. So, hurry up and avail yourself of this substantial offer. In conclusion, compare the prices of the skip sizes and get a £20 discount on your selected skip size. However, this offer will give benefit people with a shorter budget.