Are you tired of managing your waste in small bins? Do you struggle to find the right size for your big volume of waste? There is no need to worry now. Our RORO skip is ideal to fit your large waste. RORO means roll on roll off. RORO skips are the perfect solution for your large waste management including manufacturing, distribution and construction sector. It is the best possible solution to dispose of and recycle a large amount of waste. Roll on roll off Skips are offered in various dimensions and these are the largest skips available in the UK. Skip hire Birmingham is providing RORO Skips in all sizes with top quality that distinguish it from its competitors.

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    RORO Skip Hire Birmingham


    Roll-on roll-off skip hire has a diverse category of sizes and it is near to impossible to calculate the price in general. We at Skip hire Birmingham are proud to deal in every kind of Skip and provide the most economical rate in the UK market. The average price of 20 Yard RORO skip hire lies between 290 pounds to 355 pounds.

    The average price of 25 Yard RORO Skip hire is ranging from 320 pounds to 380 pounds. The average price of 30 Yard RORO Skip hire is ranging from 340 pounds to 420 pounds. The last variant of RORO skip hire is 40 Yard and its average price lies between 400 pounds to 500 pounds. This brief comparison is a helpful customer to decide before ordering it. So many sizes with diverse price brackets can be supportive in making a choice.


    RORO Skip hire is available in multiple sizes ranging from 15 yards to 40 Yard. This is the only skip hire available in the UK with extensive variants of sizes. These sizes are designed to create different spaces so the consumer can select according to his/her need. These sizes have made the waste management process so efficient and cost-effective. Most notable dimensions in this category are 20 cubic yard, 25 cubic yard, 30 cubic yard and 40 cubic yard.


    20 Yard Skip Hire Birmingham

    This is the low sided Roll on roll off skip among others. It is extensively used to manage minimal industrial waste with convenience. 


    20 Yard RORO skip has the dimension of 20ft Length x 8ft Width x 4ft Height. These dimensions may vary among different providers. It is one of the shortest sizes in the RORO skip category. This skip hire comes with the capacity to hold approximately 160 to 200 black bags of trash.


    25 Yard Skip Hire Birmingham

    This is the ideal size to recycle and dispose of large industrial waste. You may require permits to hire these skip hires. It has a slight difference in height as compared to 20 Yard skip hire, Rest of the dimensions are the same as 20 Yard skip. 


    25 Yard skip hire has the dimensions of 20 feet long x 8 feet wide x 5 feet high. It has the capacity to carry a maximum of 200 big bags of garbage.


    14 Yard Skip Hire Birmingham

    It is frequently used for construction and industrial purposes. These are giant enough and you can not place them anywhere without having a permit from the city administration. 


    30 Yard RORO Skip has the dimension of 20ft Length x 8ft Width x 6.5ft Height. This dimension makes it more spacious and expansive. it can hold up to 330 black bin bags of trash. This skip is firm enough to hold different sorts of bulky stuff including bricks.


    16 Yard Skip Hire Birmingham

    It is the maximum size that is available in the UK market and it caters the most demand in the market. It is sufficient to carry 35 tonnes of both light and bulky weights. 40 Yard RORO Skip has the dimensions of 20ft Length x 8ft Width x 8ft height that makes it the highest Skip available in the UK.


    It is ideal for industrial and construction works that produce a massive amount of trash every single day. This variant of RORO skip is extremely huge and can carry up to 440 black bags of garbage.


    RORO skips are ideal for a large amount of waste at an affordable price. RORO Skip commonly used for commercial or industrial use. 


    Skip hire Birmingham is using economies of scope to produce the maximum product and to them cost-efficient. This is the reason RORO skip hire is way cheap at Skip hire Birmingham than our competitors. It is advisable to have RORO Skip by your side in an industrial zone which produces an enormous amount of waste and leftover. RORO skip provides the opportunity to hold a maximum amount of waste that makes it the largest Skip in the UK.

    Easy unloading

    RORO Skip is not only the largest skip but also the highest skip available in the UK market. It is always difficult to unload material from the highest object but RORO has a convenient way to unload waste even from the height of 8 feet. It is by far the most prominent advantage that RORO Skip has. Easy unloading from RORO Skip did not allow waste to spread on anyway on the road.

    Different Variants

    Mini, midi and other skips are also available in different sizes but RORO Skip is available in 4 different sizes to maximum waste at industrial sites. These variants allow the consumer to critically analyze their demand and order according to it. It may benefit to decrease cost and mental stress. Having different sizes in the height of skips can also be helpful to create piles of heap inside the skip hire.

    Multi purposes

    Roll on roll off skips are designed specially to create out multiple sorts of tasks. It is best to use it for industrial purposes like construction and large cleanliness drive but it can also be used to carry bulky and heavy material that other skips can not afford. This multi-purpose feature helps RORO skip hire to stand out among other skip hires. Other than so many features, skip hire Birmingham is also delivering it to your doorstep with any inconvenience.


    Like other skips, it is also helpful to make the environment more sustainable and eco-friendlier. It can often be used to carry bulky material like bricks which can cause trouble for passerby if not places on skip hire on time. It enables the cleaners to make a quick service and place all the waste inside Skip Hire instead of going for a difference.


    This is also a prominent feature that stands out RORO skip. Due to much space inside this skip, A lot of material and diverse stuff can be managed inside RORO Skip hire perfectly. Expansiveness makes it convenient to dispose of or recycle the trash none go unlike mini and midi skip hires. It is the largest Skip available in the UK market and the customer can make the best use of it.

    Heavy-duty Skip

    RORO Skip is not only the largest Skip hire in the UK but also the most heavy-duty Skip hire. It is engineered in a way to withstand a lot of stress and pressure for a long time. Bulky materials including bricks, concrete and iron can be shipped in RORO Skip hire so perfectly.