25-30-40 yard skip

Welcome to RORO Skip Hire Birmingham. All sizes are available at Skip Hire Birmingham to ease removing the waste to our customers. Roll on Roll off skips, abbreviated as RORO skips come in 4 different sizes (20,25,30, and 40 yards).

In other words, these are the largest size of skips at one’s disposal, and skip hire Company Birmingham provides all RORO skip sizes to their customers at the most competitive pricing. Above all, these skips are most suited for handling large construction sites and industrial waste.

Similarly, dealing with vast amounts of waste is tedious and hectic work to do. RORO skips are perfect solutions for this problem, due to their enormous size and waste carrying capacity.


20-yard skip

20-yard skip size is the smallest RORO skip size offered to hire by Skip Hire Birmingham. In addition, they can take 220-230 black bin bags of trash inside them, making them in demand for massive construction and industrial waste dealings.

These skips are frequently utilized for massive amounts but low-density construction waste disposing of. Certain items are forbidden to be put inside 20-yard RORO skip Birmingham, For instance, asbestos, tires, harmful chemicals, etc. Dimensions: 20 ft in length x 8 ft in Width X 4 ft in Height.


We at skip hire Birmingham, provide a low-budget and feasible 20-yard skip price in Birmingham. Similarly, prices can vary depending upon timing, location, and domain factors. For exact pricing and details, you can get an accurate quote from our website or customer service representative. A council permit for a 20-yard RORO skip cost is not included in the price. And in addition, we will help you in taking the permit from your locality council. Its cost is additional in the price of the skip which you will have to pay as extra charges.

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25-yard skip25-yard RORO skips Birmingham can carry 270 to 280 black bin bags of waste. In other words, they are suitable for removing construction waste such as soil, concrete, and bricks in large amounts.

It’s the second RORO size available in the Country, and Skip Hire Birmingham provides this size to their customer with the best qualitative service. Therefore, these skips are easy to load and unload due to a door at one of their ends. Dimensions: 6.10-meter length x 2.44 meter wide X 1.52 meter Height.


Our company offers higher quality and exceptional skip hire services at the lowest and cheapest rates. Our prices and services are unmatched all over Birmingham. After that, the 25-yard skip price may fluctuate depending on factors like time duration, location, and type of waste for which you can hire the skip. In addition, for exact pricing and quote, you can get assistance from our experienced professional customer care representative, and they’ll let you know the accurate pricing as per your needs and requirements.

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30-yard skip

30-yard RORO skip is the third-largest RORO skip size available in the UK, and in addition, our company provides this size as per our customer’s demands. They are huge and our industrial and commercial clients order for extra-large waste management at their sites.

In other words, due to their size, they are usually popular with companies as their waste management solution. And they are challenging to place in household areas due to their extensive sizes. Above all, they can carry up to 300 to 350 black bin bags inside them, thus eliminating the need of hiring multiple skips.


Due to their large size, no need for multiple carriage and transportation, 30-yard RORO skips are more budget-friendly rather than hiring various smaller skips. However, these are not the final quotes, and as many factors like duration, location, waste domain play an essential part in determining the final 30-yard skip price in Birmingham. In conclusion, our company offers the best and cheapest prices as compared to the other skip hire dealers in the city.

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40-yard skip

The largest RORO skips size available at Skip Hire Birmingham and nationwide is a 40-yard RORO skip. After that, on a large scale, these skips are famous for being the best option for commercial and industrial waste management. They are tremendous and comprehensive enough almost to accommodate all commercial or construction waste inside them in one go. In addition, they can dump 440-450 black bags of rubbish and trash in one attempt.

You can use them for industrial projects due to their large size; it is challenging to place them in a residential area. To place it on private land, you will have to acquire a permit from the authorities. In case of putting the skip on the owner’s commercial land, you need not bother to get a license. Dimensions: 6.07 meters in L x 2.44 meter in W x 1.98 meters in H.


Due to their larger size and commercial waste management use, you can hire them for 7-14 days. You can keep it more than the standard period and may need to pay extra charges as well. But if you hire it for more time duration or far away location, the price may increase up to a certain extent. Their large and high waste capacity makes them the most affordable and reasonable skip for commercial waste management.

In conclusion, they can dump all the waste in one attempt without requiring multiple skips deliveries and reducing the skip hiring cost. Our 40-yard skip prices are exceptional and most economical in comparison to other skip hire companies.

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At Skip Hire Birmingham, you will find the most affordable skip hire services. We have been leading in addition and becoming more popular among the people of the UK as low-pricing skip hire providers. Don’t worry about your unwanted waste because Skip Hire Birmingham has a wide range of Maxi Skips in Birmingham.

You just let us know what size of waste material you want to remove, we will help you not only in removing the rubbish but also save your money in terms of hiring charges.


If you have any ambiguity regarding the prices of skip hire services, However, skip hire Birmingham offers to compare the prices with other skip hire companies. We are confident that you will not find such a remarkable service as well as the competitive prices from any other competitors. So, click on the compare prices button and find the difference in prices.

25-30-40 yard skip

20-Yard Skip

25-yard RORO skip hire

25-Yard Skip

30-yard roro skip hire

30-Yard Skip

40-yard roro skip

40-Yard Skip

Skip Size
20 Yard Skip 20ft 10ft 8ft 200 – 210 Bags £400 – £570
25 Yard Skip 22ft 12ft 9ft 275 – 280 Bags £420 – £590
30 Yard Skip 23ft 14ft 9.5ft 330 – 340 Bags £440 – £600
40 Yard Skip 24ft 15ft 11ft 440 – 450 Bags

£470 – £650



RORO skips come in 4 different sizes (20, 25, 30, and 40) and are useful for commercial and industrial waste management. In contrast, Midi skip comes in 2 sizes (4 and 5 yards) and uses only for small construction waste removal or household waste management. Similarly, midi skips are appropriate for only small commercial clear-outs and cleaning, and they require multiple skip deliveries to clean an immense amount of waste. In comparison, RORO skips can easily dump off all commercial waste in one go due to their enormous waste capacity. RORO skips can carry 4 times extra trash inside them as compared to midi skips.


Maxi skip is the second-largest skip size available before the RORO skip. Maxi skips are useful for both domestic and industrial waste management in a large amount. But their waste carrying capacity is way less than RORO skips.

When it comes to dealing with large commercial or industrial waste, manufacturing, or demolishing sites in bulky amounts, RORO skips the best fit option. RORO skips can handle bulky and non-hazardous waste such as bricks, stones, rubble, cardboard, and paper on a large scale.

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Roro skip is the best way of utilizing the skip hire services at the cheapest rates due to their large size, as you can dump all the waste off in one attempt. Similarly, sizes are large enough to accommodate maximum debris inside, eliminating the need for multiple skip hiring or multiple waste carriage. Thus RORO skip hire size is best and most convenient for larger-scale waste management in industrial, construction, or domestic areas at the cheapest and most economical rates.


RORO skips are the most popular and in-demand solution for large size industrial and commercial waste management. Besides, these skips are the most favorite option for large-scale construction waste management. Similarly, industrial and commercial sites produce trash in massive amounts every single day, which require enormous time and effort to dispose of them.

Above all, skip hire Birmingham, provide RORO skip hire services which are the best option to tackle all these problems. Even RORO skip hire Birmingham can easily carry a tremendous amount of construction waste to dispose of. you just have to select an appropriate RORO skip size to hire, and dealing with your massive quantity of waste will be our business.


RORO skips have a door and one of their ends, making it easy for a man to go inside them and settle down all the waste. However, you can quickly reload them without requiring any special apparatus to unload them. Even their large fits all the junk inside them in a single go, removing the needs of multiple time waste loading.


After that, their larger size makes it easy to put all the waste inside them in one attempt, hence eliminating the need for refilling and multiple deliveries. In addition, lesser tire movement makes less black carbon eruption, making RORO skips an excellent option for a better and eco-friendly environment.


In conclusion, RORO skips are an ideal choice for large-scale domestic waste management. To dispose of extensive waste material from your home, RORO skip is the best option.