Mini skip hire is the smallest size skip provided by Skip Hire Birmingham all over the UK. However, mini skips are commonly used for the household job and to get rid of the small amount of rubbish. Further, these skips are environmentally friendly and we recycle up to 98% of waste material collected from our customers.

Moreover, it is perfect for garden waste, small DIY projects, and household waste. It is beneficial as this skip is sometimes used to collect waste from commercial project sites. Hence, it comes in two sizes 2 cubic yard skip and 3 cubic yard skip.

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    Mini Skip Hire Birmingham


    These are the smallest bin of all the bin sizes and perfect for household waste. However, it is sustainable for people with a short budget. Because of its size, the 2 yard and 3-yard mini skip cost less. The prices of Mini Skips depends on many factors like location, time period of hiring a skip. £126- to £271 is the average price of mini skip hire.


    Are you looking for professional skip hire service providers near you? Then Skip Hire Birmingham would be the first choice of yours. As we have been providing skip hire services at affordable prices all across the UK. We offer a £20 discount on all skip sizes straight away on your booking.


    Mini skip hire is the smallest skip size which is used by domestic and commercial users for the removal of a small amount of waste material from the house, garden, or office. This size of skip is the first choice of small scale consumers.  There are two skip sizes in Mini skip sizes include; 2-yard and 3-yard skips. These skips do not need any permit requests from the city council as these are small in size and can be placed inside the building premises easily. 


    2 Yard Skip Hire Birmingham

    The 2-yard mini skip is the smallest size of all the skip sizes, and it is helpful to get rid of a small amount of trash. It is sustainable for household purposes. However, this is perfect for garden wastes, small projects, in other words, for domestic as well as commercial jobs. 

    The dimensions of the 2cubic yard mini skip are 1.52m x 1.22m x 0.91m. Its dimensions in feet are 5 ft long x 4 ft wide x 3 ft high with a wastage capacity 20-30 black bin bags. Average price of 2 Cubic Yard Mini Skip is £126 – £271.


    2 Yard Skip Hire Birmingham

    It holds a little bit larger amount of trash than the 2yard bin. But it includes in the mini skip hire and requires a small amount of area. However, this is best for domestic clients and small commercial projects. The dimension of this is 1.82m x 1.22m x 0.91m, and in feet are 6 ft long x 4 ft wide x 3 ft high. 

    3-Yard skip is also used as a secondary skip for the clearance of some waste materials separately.  Moreover, it can hold a waste of up to 30-40 bin bags. Average price of 3 Cubic Yard Skip is £158 – £271.



    Why mini skip hire is it perfect for small waste solutions? To get a satisfactory answer to this question, please read the below given detailed explanation.

    Affordable Price

    The skip hire price depends on its size, and because of its smallest size, it is the most affordable and economical mode skip. That’s why it is light on the wallet to rent a mini skip hire and get rid of a small amount of trash. As well as, it considers the most cost-effective skip because of its size and less cost.

    Environmentally Friendly

    Besides its cost-effective factor, this skip hire is environmentally friendly. Skip Hire Birmingham assures you the waste will recycle under the licensed recycling facilities. However, this waste will not harm the environment, and we will discard the rubbish that we found unrecyclable. So, 98% of trash will recycle. Moreover, it will be the optimistic thing that at such an affordable price, you work something for the environment.

    Require a Small Amount of Space

    Because of its smallest size, it requires a small amount of space. Moreover, it is substantial for a restricted area and your private property. These are small and can fit in any place conveniently, that’s why it does not need any permit from the City Council.

    We clearly offer our customers to compare the prices and services with other competitors. You would find a huge difference in prices as well as in services. As we aim to provide cheap skip hire services, our customer support team assist throughout the period of hiring a skip and help the customer to compare the prices with others.  

    Garden Waste

    You can conveniently move it to your required waste, that’s why it will save your labor cost. Moreover, you can put the unwanted grass, leaves, and other trash of your garden in it.

    Household Waste

    Many people hire it according to their needs for the clearance of waste from their houses. Hence, it is the best solution for removing or discarding waste.

    Useful for Commercial Projects

    It is perfect for small commercial projects, for garden renovations, and best to use at the site after the completion of small commercial projects.

    Removal of Hazardous Waste

    Chemically hazardous material needs special treatment to dispose of, that’s why they needed the trusted or convenient way to discard it. Wastes like asbestos, roof tiles, paints, and plaster boards can not dispose of in mini skip hire. Thus, the waste will dispose of under licensed waste disposal companies.