Midi Skip sizes 2-3 yard

Welcome to Midi Skip Hire Birmingham. A little bigger than the mini skips. This could be a full-on bathroom or kitchen replacement, cleaning up, Moreover a large overgrown garden, or clearing out a house with a lot of junk that’s not suitable to be re-used. Similarly, Midi skips are particularly useful for gardening jobs, as they often have drop doors that make it easier to cart in timber, soil, or other bulky waste.

In Addition, These are medium-sized skips. This skip is slightly larger than the Mini-Skip, so this size is between small and large-sized skip. Midi skip is very suitable for homes and gardens. Especially useful for gardening jobs as it has drop doors that can card in wood dust or other large rubbish.


3-Yard Skip

4 Yard midi skip is popular among most people to carry out household chores where a mini skip cannot hold the complete garbage. It has the perfect design that you can place inside your property whether it is an office or home.

4 Yard midi skip has the dimensions of 7 Feet Long x 5 feet width x 3 feet height. In Addition, Midi skips of 4 yards can hold 40 to 50 big black bags of garbage.  Similarly, This makes it pretty much appropriate for multiple domestic and commercial purposes. Above all This size has become the perfect solution for consumers who found mini skips insufficient.

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5 yard skip5 Yard midi skip is another variant of midi skips In Addition, it is used for similar purposes. This skip is useful where a person finds 4 Yard midi skip is not sufficient, and going for a builders’ skip can be expensive. In this case, going for a 5 Yard midi skip ideal execution.

It has a slight difference in dimensions as compared to 4 Yard midi skip. Its dimensions are 7.5ft Length x 5.5ft Width x 3.5ft height. Moreover, The capacity of carrying black bags of garbage for this skip is up to 60, and it is pretty much all the garbage an average household can produce.

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Midi skips are best when it comes to providing the value of money. It is imperative to keep the concept of value in mind every time we go out to buy a skip hire. Midi skip hire is also useful to keep you safe and clear a moderate amount of rubbish. The average price of Midi skip hire is varying from £176 to £214. Hold on! After that,  These are only average prices and may increase or decrease due to your location and hiring period.

In conclusion, We are sure that you will find Skip Hire Birmingham as the most affordable midi skip hire dealer in your town. We aim to prevent you from any legal actions in the shape of fines by providing low-priced skips.


Then Midi skip hire is an ideal solution to get rid of your commercial and household garbage so you can have pleasant surroundings. After that, Midi skips are up for grabs in two sizes (4-yard and 5-yard), so one can buy after analyzing his/her needs. These skips have a slight difference in their dimensions. Both sizes of midi skip hire are available at Skip Hire Birmingham and easy on the pocketbook of our customers. Then The good thing about midi skips is that they can be used for both commercials as well as household purposes. Then If you want to remove the rubbish, Both sizes of midi skips provide sufficient space to carry a handsome amount of rubbish material.

Mini Skip hire Birmingham

4-Yard Skip

5 yard skip

5-Yard Skip

Skip Size
4 Yard Skip 7ft 5ft 3ft 40 – 50 Bags £176 – 214
5 Yard Skip 7.5ft 5ft 3.5ft 50 – 60 Bags £215 –  287


Midi skips are more affordable as compared to mini skip & builder skip and the size is sufficient for small DIY projects. it is ideal for homeowners to dispose of unnecessary waste or for garden waste.


Mini skips are sometimes too small, and builders’ skips can be inconvenient also. In that scenario, going for a medium-size midi skip is an excellent choice. You may use it for both households like garden and kitchen and commercial projects like construction. The capacity of around 60 bags of trash is sufficient to dispose of a moderate amount of waste. The reason for being the ideal size is that you can place it in a kitchen and even on a small construction site.


Like all the other skips hire, mid skips are cost-effective and provide you with the value of the price that you spent on buying it. In Addition, It saves you a lot of money which you may pay in the form of fines and challans. Spending money on this is a good idea to get rid of the considerable amount of waste and provide you with a clean and tidy atmosphere with cost-efficiency. Above all Money spent on useful items like skips gives satisfaction and protects you from hazardous material.


Midi skip is by far the most versatile skip ever. It is not that much expensive and not that cheap. You can place it in a house garden or even at a working site; all these traits make it more versatile. It is the versatility of midi skip that compels the masses to buy it at first choice. What can be more pleasing to a customer than having a skip which they can use for multiple projects and can place at different locations?


As mentioned earlier, midi skips of both sizes are not very expensive, and the middle-class working family can easily afford them. Waste produced at every home and to get rid of it is a problem of every household. The average price of midi skips is affordable and solves your major issue of waste removal.


If you do any Skip hire then you put unused waste of your home, garden, or office in it.  In that Condition, you have less amount of waste than you will use Mini skip. and you have more amount of garbage, you will use it Builder skip. when your work is done, our representatives will take it and take action under the law.
And, Skip will be with you for the appointed time.


Midi skips are the best environment-sustainable tool, and it is making more sense in these times when the world is suffering from an environmental crisis. Everyone wants to keep their surroundings clean and neat. It is only imaginable when you analyze the right size of skip for the right purpose.

To keep a clean environment and surrounding well maintained, it is essential to buy midi skips because of their versatility. Then similarly, the environmental authorities of the United Kingdom appreciate the usage of skips in terms of environmental protection.


It is the most prominent benefit of having a midi skip. If you have a large amount of black bags of waste, Both 4-yard and 5-yards skips have adequate space to hold a moderate amount of garbage. In Addition, Midi skips can carry 40 to 60 big bags of waste easily. A sufficient amount also allows the consumer to separate different sorts of trash within the skip so you can get rid of your rubbish materials. In conclusion, You can place plastic bags, paper, and steel separately. That much space at this price is a compelling figure to order.


DIY stands for ‘do it yourself. These are the projects for which you did not hire a person or artist to do work. Then you challenge yourself and complete the project on your own. You all must be wondering how midi skip can be helpful in this. It is not convenient to bring about the entire project solely. and Similarly, it creates a lot of trash at the project site, and above all, skips of 4 and 5 yards can easily manage the whole waste.