10-12-14-16 yard skip

If you are looking for skip hire in Birmingham and in addition, want to clean a large amount of rubbish, Cheap Maxi Skip Hire Birmingham would be the best option for you. Do you want the best solution through which you remove your large amount of waste material in a single attempt? Then Maxi Skips are the best option. above all, maxi skips in Birmingham are available in different sizes, making it easy to choose which size will be best for your accumulated waste. Maxi skips are available in 5 different sizes, for instance, 10-yard, 12-yard, 14-yard, 16-yard, and 18-yard. If You can order size according to your garbage, So then, you don’t have to bother to order skips again and again. after that, Each size has a separate volume, making it easy to decide which skip you want to pick your waste.


10-Yard SkipIf you are looking for a maxi skip hire Birmingham and need a 10 yard Maxi Skip, that’s it; we are providing you 10-Yard Skip Size in Birmingham. After that, we have a qualified and experienced customer support team who will not disappoint you in accomplishing your order.



It is the best choice for cleaning a large amount of waste. It can carry approximately 100 black bin bags, above all, which you can use to dispose of large quantities of the house and extensive renovations of garbage materials. Similarly,  they are also available for removing shop building and construction area waste materials, and in addition, Dimensions of 10 Yard Maxi Skip Hire are 6 feet high,12 feet long,6 feet wide.


Skip Hire Birmingham has set different prices, which depend on the yards you order. The 10-yard skip size has its minimum and maximum cost, depending on your location and duration of hiring the skip. similarly, Its average cost starts from £258 to £364. These prices may fluctuate according to your needs and requirements.

If your site is far from our service location and your waste is in bulk, you may cost a little much more, but not so much that you can’t afford it. If you need to hire the skip for more than the standard duration which is 7 to 14 days, Skip Hire Birmingham will charge more.


12-yard skipIn other words, Skip Hire Birmingham will be the top priority for you to ask for help if you have a considerable amount of garbage to dispose of. We are always ready to help you hire the required skip size, which will help you manage your rubbish.


We offer you a 12-yard skip size, which will accommodate your large amount of accumulated trash and debris. The 12 Yard maxi skips are generally used in construction areas and shop fittings projects. It can carry approximately 120 black bin bags. You can use it to take bulky waste, including wood, plastic, and metal.  The dimensions are 6.5ft Height, 13ft Length, 6.5ft Width.


Skip Hire Birmingham has designed affordable prices packages. The average cost you need to pay is from £277 to £367. These prices vary from area to area and also your requirements. If you require a 12-yard maxi skip for more than the standard duration, the cost of the skip will also increase. You will be happy to know that our prices are the lowest as compared to market competitors. Skip Hire Birmingham always offers cost-effective prices along with the best professional customer support.


Maxi skip 14 yard Skip hire Birmingham image14-yard maxi skip is useful for large renovations, refurbishment, and construction projects. They are very popular among industrial sites as well as commercial sites. They are also conducive to domestic renovation projects. If you have a bulky amount of waste, we welcome you.


We provide you with a 14-yard skip size in Birmingham that will clean up a large amount of your garbage. It has the power to carry 140 to 150 black bin bags. in other words, It has the ability to carry wood, metal, plastic, and many other heavy items. in addition, It can carry furniture and packaging equipment. The dimensions of the 14 Yard Maxi skip are 6ft Height,14ft Length,6ft Width.


14-yard skip cost in Birmingham depends on your period of hiring and location. You will have to pay the average price from £303 to £450. After that, we will provide you with the most affordable prices. If your waste is too bulky and your site is far from our service location, similarly, you will have to pay the additional charges. Then other Skip Hire companies in Birmingham will charge you more than us as we are the most affordable skip hire company. In conclusion, the 14-yard skip price in Birmingham is the same as its job.


Maxi skip 16 yard Skip hire Birmingham image

If you have a large and heavy amount of waste to dispose of, you can ask Skip Hire Birmingham to assist you in hiring the required size. We will provide you with lightning-fast skip hire services as compared to others.


We are offering you a 16-yard skip size in Birmingham that has the power to lift heavy items, in addition, furniture packaging debris that other skips can not deal with those of heavy materials. It is a big maxi skip; above all, it can carry bulky waste such as wood, plastic, and metal. The approximate capacity of the 16-yard skip of waste containing is 170 to 180 black bin bags. In conclusion, you can also use it to clean large amounts of material stored at your commercial site or industrial site. Dimensions of this skip are 6.5ft Height, 6ft width,14ft Length.


16-yard skip cost Birmingham depends on your location and similarly the duration of keeping the skip to remove the rubbish from your site. However, we will provide you with the 16-yard skip at the most affordable prices; if your waste is too bulky and after that, your location is far from our service location, for instance, you will have to pay a hefty fee. In fact, the average price of a 16-yard skip hires Birmingham starts from £316 to £525. Similarly, the cost of a 16-yard skip may fluctuate as per the period of your hiring.


Maxi skip 18 yard Skip hire Birmingham imageWe offer you an 18-yard skip in Birmingham, which will easily clean your large amount of accumulated waste or debris. You can also use an 18-yard skip in construction areas where a considerable size of garbage needs to dispose of efficiently.


18-yard maxi skip is the biggest skip in our list of maxi skips. In addition, They are huge enough to carry a considerable amount of waste. 190 to 200 black bin bags can be thrown into the 18-yard maxi skip. If you have much waste accumulated and think other skips won’t take it, then an 18-yard skip is the best option for you. Dimensions of this last Maxi skip are 13ft Length, 7ft Height, 6.5ft Width.


18-yard skip cost Birmingham depends on your hiring period and the area where you want to keep the skip. In other words, these prices may increase or decrease, which is depending upon the hiring period and the site where you want us to deliver the skip. We can proudly say that Skip Hire Birmingham offers the most economical prices compared to the market competitors.


At Cheap Maxi Skip Hire Birmingham, you will find the most affordable skip hire services. We have been leading in addition and becoming more popular among the people of the UK as low-pricing skip hire providers. Don’t worry about your unwanted waste because Maxi Skip Hire Birmingham has a wide range of Maxi Skips in Birmingham.

You just let us know what size of waste material you want to remove, we will help you not only in removing the rubbish but also save your money in terms of hiring charges.


If you have any ambiguity regarding the prices of skip hire services, However, skip Hire Birmingham offers to compare the prices with other skip hire companies. We are confident that you will not find such a remarkable service as well as the competitive prices from any other competitors. So, click on the compare prices button and find the difference in prices.

Maxi skip 10 yard Skip hire Birmingham image
10-Yard Skip

Maxi skip 12 yard Skip hire Birmingham image
12-Yard Skip

Maxi skip 14 yard Skip hire Birmingham image
14-Yard Skip

Maxi skip 16 yard Skip hire Birmingham image
16-Yard Skip

Maxi skip 18 yard Skip hire Birmingham image
18-Yard Skip

Skip Size





Skip Price

10 Yard Skip 12ft 6ft 6ft 100 – 110Bags £258 – £364
12 Yard Skip 13ft 6.5ft 6.5ft 120 – 130Bags £277 – £367
14 Yard Skip 14ft 7ft 7ft 140 – 150Bags £303 – £450
16 Yard Skip 16ft 8.5ft 7.5ft 170 – 180Bags £316 – £525
18 Yard Skip 18ft 9.5ft 8ft 190 – 200Bags £360 – £550


As the name of maxi skips indicates that it is useful for the removal of a bulky amount of debris, junk, or rubbish material. So, firstly, calculate the size of your rubbish and then hire one of the five maxi skip sizes in which you can throw the rubbish. However, maxi skips can handle enormous-sized garbage without doing any harm to your environment.


If you make a comparison between maxi and builder skip sizes, you will find a clear difference in both dimensions. The builder skips are commonly useful for construction sites as their names also show relativity between builder skips and builders traders. Whereas, the maxi skips are popular among bulky refurbishment projects such as a house or office clearances. Builder skips help the construction contractors to remove the construction waste such as soil, cement, plastics, and other construction leftovers. The maxi skips are also extensive as compared to the builder skip sizes.


For the removal of small household refurbishment projects, however, midi skips are the best option to choose. Also, there are two different sizes in midi skips.  Similarly, These skips are useful to clean the debris of fittings of kitchens and bathrooms. They are famous for small projects. Whereas, maxi skips are famous for accommodating heavy items; then, they have the power to lift heavy objects, including metal, plastic wood, etc. These skips are the best choice for large-sized construction areas. Maxi skips have a wide range of skip sizes such as 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18 yards.



If you want to know the benefits of Cheap Maxi Skip Hire Birmingham, similarly, There are many benefits to hiring the Maxi Skips in Birmingham. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Extensive Range in Sizes:

In other words, maxi skips are available in many sizes, making it easy to choose which yard will be best for your accumulated waste. After that, you can order yards according to your garbage, and above all, you don’t have to bother to order skips again and again. Similarly, They have 5 sizes 10,12,14,16, and 18.

High Volume Capacity:

Maxi skips are enormous in size, and they have the capacity to accommodate the high volume of garbage materials. For instance, it makes it easier to handle the waste material from refurbishment sites. That is why they are available in many sizes. So Each size has a separate volume, making it easy to decide which skip you want to clean your waste. So if you have a lot of rubbish and you need a skip to clean it up in one attempt, maxi skips are the best choice for you.

Prevent Environmental Pollution:

As you know, when garbage accumulates in large quantities, it causes pollution, which causes many diseases and becomes a dangerous sign for your health. That is why the maxi skips protect you from pollution. In addition, it absorbs the garbage in large quantities and keeps you safe.

Best for Refurbishment Sites:

In conclusion, Maxi skips are the best choice for large-sized refurbishment sites because much debris accumulates on the construction sites, which hinders the work. Maxi skips have the feature that they can carry a lot of trash inside. above all, These skips can help you in clearing out the refurbishment projects from both commercial sites as well as from domestic.