6-8 yard skipWelcome to Builder Skip Hire Birmingham. Builder skips are popular in Birmingham, and it is larger than the midi skips. These skips can be used in both types of projects like commercial and domestic. That’s why these are popular among builders. Moreover, it comes in two sizes 6 cubic yard skip and 8 cubic yard skip. However, 6 cubic yard skip holds a capacity of 50-60 bin bags and 4.6 m³. You can overload it with approximately 6 tonnes.

However, its dimensions are 1.22m x 2.6m x 1.52m (Length x Width x Height). Furthermore, 8 cubic yard skip holds 60-80 bin bags and 6m³. It means you can overload it with 8-10 tonnes of waste. Hence, its dimensions are 1.22m x 3.66m x 1.66m (Length x Width x Height). Builder skips have a capacity of a large amount of trash as compared to midi skips.


6 yard skipOur 6-yards skip size Birmingham is the perfect skip size to hold the waste of large quantities. You can see the 6-yard builder skip at different commercial sites or house renovation sites. You can use it for both purposes, larger commercial projects and smaller-level projects such as kitchen or living room renovation.


It is as famous as an 8-yard builder skip, but a 6-yard skip is for a bit smaller projects than an 8-yards skip. Skip Hire Birmingham provides the most suitable 6-yard builder skip, which can hold up to 70 black bin bags efficiently. The material incorporated into the 6-yard builder skip includes Armchairs, sofa sets (3 pieces), Kitchen extensions, office furniture, Garden disposal of, soil and bricks.


Our company is famous for its quality and affordable prices. 6-yards skip price is just so reasonable. So get your skip at the lowest prices without any doubt because we never compromise on quality. Compared to the competitors’ prices, our company Skips Hire Birmingham’s prices are the best and most affordable prices. The 6-yard skip will cost you from £229 to £270.


8 yard skipOur 8 Yard Skip is a considerable skip usually seen on the streets. Similarly, It is used for large construction projects. The 8-yard skip size can be helpful in removing a huge amount of trash materials.

The waste materials include soil, bricks, or any other heavy disposal. The people of Birmingham use 8-yard builder skip a lot to handle their large amount of construction site waste materials.


If you are about to renovate your house, refurbish your kitchen, or clear out the house, an 8-yard builder skip is a perfect choice for disposing of trash purpose. An 8-yard skip size can accommodate approximately 60 to 80 trash material bags.


8-yard skip is a larger skip, also known as Builder Skip used for heavy waste material or disposal of in bulk. So the 8-yard Skip Price Birmingham is slightly more than the 6-yard skip. It can cost between £211 to £280.


Builder skip hire sizes are popular among the builders as their name indicates that these skips handle construction waste materials. The prices of these skips on average range from £229 – £280.

But these prices may fluctuate in terms of the duration you want to keep the skip. Whereas, your location also makes an impact on the prices of these skips.


The builder skip ranges from two different sizes, such as 6-yard to 8-yard skip sizes.  Keeping the requirements from all the sectors in mind, Skip Hire Birmingham offers a versatile range of builder skip hire sizes. In Addition, Our top priority is to contribute to keeping the environment safe. Moreover, Skip Hire Birmingham heavily invests in the equipment to maintain the quality high for its users.

There are two different sizes of builder skip available at Skip Hire Birmingham. The skips such as 6-yards skip, 8-yards skip, generally known as Builder sizes of the skip. in other words, customers have two choices to choose the builder skip size, which they consider to handle their construction site waste material efficiently. in conclusion, Find the best options available at Skip Hire Birmingham.

6 builder skip
6-Yard Skip

builder skip
8-Yard Skip
Skip Size
6 Yard Skip 10ft 5ft 4ft 60 – 70 Bags £229 – 270
8 Yard Skip 12ft 6ft 4.5ft 80 – 90 Bags £211 – 280



There is a slight difference in the size and waste holding capacity of skips. Midi Skip is a skip that is 4 to 5 cubic yards in size and can hold up to 50 bins. The midi skip is an ideal skip to hold the household waste material or any smaller level refurbishments. Besides, a local level business that is not so large level projects can also use Midi Skips. While The Builder Skip is a commercial level skip that is 6 to 8 cubic yards in size and can accommodate 60 to 80 black bins.


As mentioned above, builder skip size is used at construction sites and Similarly, is used for holding the building waste, demolitions, business renovations, etc. It includes a 6-cubic yard to 8-cubic yard skip. As the name implies, Mini Skip is used for very smaller-level waste material such as household waste. The size of the Mini Skip is two cubic yards, which can accommodate only a small amount of waste. Similarly, Garden waste or kitchen waste is disposed of into the Mini Skip. So the Builder and Mini Skip are completely different in their usage and sizes. One is for smaller purposes, and the other is for larger purposes.


There are many benefits to hiring the Builder Skip in Birmingham. So Let’s discuss them one by one.

Saving Time, Energy & Effort:

The skip hire price depends on its size, and because of its smallest size, it is the most affordable and economical mode skip. That’s why it is light on the wallet to rent a mini skip hire and get rid of a small amount of trash. In other words,  It considers the most cost-effective skip because of its size and less cost.

Keep the Environment Safe:

The ultimate goal of builder skip hire is to keep the Environment clean. It aims to provide the best waste material disposed of, which will eventually provide the waste’s sustainable management and make your environment a better place to live in. To take part in cleaning the environment, choose the best waste management service provider and, i.e., Skip Hire Birmingham.

Keep You Away from Disease:

A clean place is essential for a healthy body and a healthy mind. Similarly, If you don’t stay away from the dangerous environment, you will not stay healthy and safe from disease interaction. Hire the best builder skip sizes from Skip Hire Birmingham, devoted to keeping your lifestyle better and healthy.

In Addition, Cheap Skip Hire offers its valued customers to compare the prices offered on our website with other competitors. Above all,  We are proud of being the most cost-effective skip hire service provider in the United Kingdom. However,  You are welcome to compare the prices at our website through a simple one-click-on button.

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Keeping the Site Clean:

It is a common practice that construction sites are often full of leftover bricks, Similarly, glass metal, cement, soil, etc. All this waste can be damaging to you and can hurt you. So Builder skip size makes your construction sites a safer place for you to work on. So, don’t forget to install the best builder skip.

Availability of Various Builder Skip Sizes:

In other words, Skip Hire Birmingham helps you in finding various builder skip sizes for your construction waste disposal. In Conclusion, We aim to provide second to none builder skip hire services in entire Birmingham. Above all, We offer a vast range of skip sizes including builder skip sizes for our valued customers at affordable prices.